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You will engage in four projects (P_XX) throughout the semester, building prototypes of objects, interfaces, and spaces that interrogate each human sense and their role in shaping our environment. A final and cumulative design project (P_FINAL) will synthesize your research interests into a larger scale object or experience. Short assignments (A_XX) will preface each project with precedent research.

Although each project will likely take on various forms, you will still need to clearly communicate your project through at least a PDF submission. Supplemental submissions – such as videos, websites, or other prototypes – are strongly encouraged to tell your project story convincingly.

Project Breakdown

P_01: Sight ↗
Perspectival frame 2.0 wks
P_02: Touch ↗
Push button 2.5 wks
P_03: Hearing ↗
Wearable object 3.0 wks
P_04: Taste ↗
Dining experience 3.0 wks
Wildcard/Synthesis 3.5 wks

Project Submission

You are expected to upload your PDF link and other documentation materials to the Project Groups sheet before each final review. Please also email these links to me for grading.

48-734 • Possibilistic Design • Fall 2024

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Carnegie Mellon University
Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe ↗)

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